Architecture cable mesh

Architecture cable mesh

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Stainless Steel Architecture cable mesh is transparent and innovative, the mesh can be used in all kinds of applications including balustrades on bridges and staircases, flexible zoo enclosures, aviary mesh, large barrier fences, and building façade trellis systems etc.

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Stainless steel architecture cable mesh is used extensively as an elegant architectural material that has safety elements as an integral part of overall performance as a building element, Further more, due to their high transparency, stainless steel cable and meshes fit into the overall appearance of the building easily, whether horizontal or vertical, it's capable to adapt unobtrusively to the desired shape of the area that has to be protected.

Stainless steel cable mesh offers various possibilities for use in architecture and interior design, different diameters and flexible mesh sizes allow tailor made solutions.

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Stainless steel architecture cable mesh features
1. Lightweight, high strength, durable, good softness and fatigue resistance, impact resistance, large breaking force, the overall structure is strong and dura ble, service life in more than 50 years.
2. Good transparency, luxurious appearance, novel style, can be integrated with the surrounding environment, close to nature, green environmental protection, have very good decorative and protective effect.
3. Almost not need any maintenance, and can be reused.
4. Flexible stainless steel mesh, allows two-dimensional and three-dimensional structures, variety of wire diameters, hole sizes and panel sizes can be customized to meet your requirement.

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