Monkey exhibit mesh tunnel mesh

Monkey exhibit mesh tunnel mesh

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Monkey exhibit mesh, tunnel mesh

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The Exhibit Tunnel mesh system consists of hand-made flexible stainless steel wire rope cable mesh supported by solid steel round rings to form a tunnel shape.It is a revolutionary new concept to permit a 360 viewing for zoo visitors while creates a safer space.

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The stainless steel wire rope mesh has many characteristics, making it perfect for monkey enclosure mesh, suitable for large, medium and small monkeys, applied for monkey enclosure mesh, monkey exhibit, monkey cages, monkey fencing, monkey barrier netting.
The monkey tunnel net is made of stainless steel and weaved from stainless steel wire rope. This is a flexible net that can be folded and elastic, and can form a pipe shape under the support of a circular metal ring.

Stainless steel monkey tunnel mesh, tunnel nets are often used for all types of monkeys, especially small primate and monkeys. The diameter of the tunnel mesh is generally about 75 cm, and the distance between the metal rings is generally about 200 cm. The product specifications commonly used by Monkey Tunnel Mesh are GP1651, GP2051 GP2476, etc., and the product specifications commonly used by Tiger Tunnel Mesh are GP3251 ,GP3276, etc.

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