Stainless steel cable rod woven mesh

Stainless steel cable rod woven mesh

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Stainless Steel Cable Rod Woven Mesh is made of the bar or metal cable.It is composed of various patterns of transverse metal bar passing through the vertical metal cable. The materials used include stainless steel and high strength corrosion resistant chromium steel.

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Woven wire drapery is an exceptional element for architecture decoration, for a metal curtain facade can easily catch your eyes. Made by special craft, it has unique flexibility and gloss of metal lines and is favored by museums, grand exhibition halls, and other personality decoration industries.

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Cable Pitch: 0.5--80.0mm.
Rod Dia: 0.45--4.0mm
Rod Pitch: 1.6--30.0mm
Surface Treatment: Metal Original color, Plating Titanium Gold, Silver.
85% customer choose Metal Original color,
15% customer choose others.

Stainless Steel Cable Rod Woven Mesh Application
Cable rod woven mesh are mostly used in building elevation, divider, ceiling, balconies and corridors, shutter, staircases and airport access stations, hotels, cafe,museums, opera houses, concert halls, office buildings, exhibition halls, paritition,shopping malls and other places.

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How to make an inquiry of Cable Rod Woven Mesh?
You need to provide material, cable diameter, cable pitch ,rod diameter, rod pitch,and the quantity to ask an offer, you can also indicate if you have any special requirement. We'll provide formal quotation list after your inquiry received.

2. Could you provide Decorative Mesh sample ? How long does the sample need to be prepared?
Yes, we can provide sample .Sample production time is 5~7 days.

3. Can you tell me how to install the Cable Rod Woven Mesh?
Yes, we have professional engineers to help you install the Cable Rod Woven Mesh. And can solve any problems you have in the installation.

4. Can you provide customized services?
Yes,we can. We can produce according to your needs, and can recommend you a cost-effective product for you.

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